MSF London Fun Run

Thank you to all who took part in the fun run on Saturday. It was a fantastic day!

The results are in! 

10k results

5k results

Watch the Race Day video


Photos of the day can be found here. (Courtesy of @nigelpacquette)

Reasons to run

Stephen Legg
Stephen Legg

I’m running for…

“A few weeks ago I visited MSF’s work in Khayelitsha Township, on the outskirts of Cape Town. The project focuses on treating patients living with HIV, tuberculosis (TB) and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis’ (MDR-TB). I joined a TB team on outreach, going door to door checking on young people who are at risk of lapsing from their medication. I met many young people who were so brave and so positive about their futures. It was really very humbling.

"For this reason I am running for Phumeza Tisile. Phumeza is from Kyayelitsha and she was diagnosed with MDR-TB in her early twenties. Appalled at the dismal options available to fight this deadly disease, Phumeza and her MSF doctor, were inspired to write the “Test Me, Treat Me” DR-TB Manifesto. Having won her personal battle and beaten DR TB, she took the Manifesto to the 67th World Health Assembly in Geneva, in May 2014.

"More than 55,000 people signed the petition that calls for action to improve treatment for people living with DR-TB. After giving a speech to the delegates she handed over the petition to the director of the Global TB department at the World Health Organization. It is Phumeza’s immense strength, courage and determination that will keep me going on 23rd April.” To find out more about Phumeza, read her TB&ME blog.


Carmen Sumadiwiria

Carmen Sumadiwiria
I’m running for…

"I’m running for Xolelwa Joni, a cured XDR-TB patient in South Africa. Like Xolelwa, I cannot believe that although there is a new drug that promises to cure some of the most extreme forms of tuberculosis, only 2 percent of eligible patients globally have access to the treatment.

"Xolelwa is lucky; only very few patients survive the very toxic XDR-TB treatment, which forces patients to swallow up to 14,600 pills over the course of two years. Now she is working toward becoming a nurse, inspired by the ones who treated her in Cape Town.

"Unfortunately dedicated medical staff and the existence of new treatments alone won’t change the reality of many of our patients. The current medical R&D system is broken; it fails to deliver for diseases that aren’t sufficiently lucrative and when new treatments do make it to the market, they are often out of reach to many of our patients. Access to medicines is a human right which both Xolelwa and I will continue to strive for."


Jake Leyland

Jake Leyland

I’m running for…

For no other reason than because he plays an oud, I am running the MSF UK Fun Run for Ahmed – a victim of the conflict in Yemen that has displaced well over two million people.

"Ahmed lives in a camp for internally displaced people in Yemen’s northern territory of Khamer. Long may his oud rest the weary souls that hear its melody."




Ros Smith
Rosalyn Smith

I’m running for…

I’m running for babies like seven-month-old Youssouf, from Mali.

He was referred to Koutiala Hospital - where MSF is running the paediatrics department alongside the Ministry of Health - with severe pneumonia and malnutrition. He is being treated with antibiotics and therapeutic milk."

To find out more about the hospital that Youssouf was treated in, visit

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