A historic opportunity exists to tackle the escalating drug-resistant TB (DR-TB) public health emergency. Yet, the global response barely touches the surface of the problem.

MSF works at the frontline of the DR-TB crisis in 21 countries around the world. ‘The Final Frontier’ shares our experience and learning in three areas:

The three-part film demonstrates what can be done today and what is still needed to end the crisis.

High burden TB countries

Governments of countries with a high TB burden must show leadership in tackling the DR-TB crisis, seizing the opportunities now available and pushing for innovation. Access to care must be rapidly increased, including fast and reliable diagnostic techniques and new treatment models to improve patient care and outcomes.

And countries must harness the potential presented by the development of new drugs by all possible means, including compassionate use programmes, registration of new drugs, and active participation in innovations. To do so, TB must be given adequate priority both politically and financially.

TB research community

The TB research community, including research institutes and drug companies, must urgently deliver effective, more tolerable, shorter and affordable DR-TB drug regimens.

New drugs must be made available to trial new treatment combinations at the soonest opportunity, and this research made a priority. And drug companies must make existing DR-TB treatment as well as newly developed drugs available at affordable prices in countries with the greatest burden.

International donors

International donors must prioritise and support diagnosis and treatment of DR-TB through bilateral aid programmes and multilateral programmes like the Global Fund, along with supporting and driving increased research and development into new treatments, diagnostics and vaccines.

A boost in political will and funding is crucial to tackle this global public health threat, in order to fully harness the historic opportunity we are presented with today.

Patients, medical staff and communities around the world demand better care for drug-resistant TB - TEST ME TREAT ME TB MANIFESTO

Together we have the capacity to tackle global DR-TB emergency. Your commitment can make it happen!

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