If there’s one thing we can’t do without it is your support, and by donating your shares you will be helping us to save lives where the need is greatest.

Many people own a handful of shares which they are not sure what to do with. They might have been left to you by a relative or given to you following a company privatisation or takeover.

You can put yours to good use by donating them to MSF.

Large share holdings

For larger holdings of shares, we will sell these through our stockbroker.

Please contact our fundraising team to discuss the transfer of stock.

Direct Line: 0800 731 6732

Email: uk.fundraising@london.msf.org

Gifting shares with ShareGift

For smaller holdings of shares, we recommend these are donated to ShareGift.

ShareGift is an independent registered charity which specialises in accepting small holdings of shares whose low value means that they are not worth selling.

They collect these shares until they have enough to sell and then make charitable donations from the funds created.

When you make your donation to ShareGift you are able to recommend that they support MSF.

MSF has already received over £100,000 in donations from ShareGift as a result.

Please visit www.sharegift.org

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