Photostory: Long and dangerous roads in Afghanistan

After over a decade of international aid and investment, Afghans still struggle to access critical medical care due to insecurity, distance, cost, or the dysfunction of many health facilities.

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There has been some progress, but maternal and infant mortality in Afghanistan remain among the highest in the world, casualties from violence are mounting, and unmet medical and humanitarian needs continue to soar.

Upwards of one-third of Afghanistan’s population lives below the poverty line, and many people therefore have to assume considerable debt to pay doctor’s fees or cover costs for medicines, hospitalisation, laboratory tests and transport.

Photostory: Labour pains in Afghanistan

While there has been much progress in maternal healthcare in Afghanistan over the past decade, the country is still one of the most dangerous places in the world for a woman to give birth.

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Insecurity means that many women hesitate to make the long, dangerous and often expensive journey to health facilities offering quality maternal care. Too many women still die preventable deaths because they do not have access to the essential care they need.

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